Remember the dream you had about rainbows in the sky while flying through them? All through this dream you feel happier than you have ever felt in your life. You could see for miles, and even though that dream felt like it was forever in was only 5 minutes. Well picture that, however with me it wasn’t a dream..

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R U OK? How often do you find yourself asking a close friend or a loved one? Or is the thought of your presence nearby meant to be enough.

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Ever had a time when everything was going so well, everyone is happy and plans were thought to be going along quite nicely? Then all of a sudden BAM, everything becomes red with fury and hatred that you’re not sure what you are going to do or even meant to do? The only result is to cover it more by self-medicating, but with more than you have already been using.

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Here are some photos of the true story of my life. Follow the links to to read about it.

1 – All Over The Place2 – Being Gay In The Port
3 – Who Are You Meant To Trust
4 – The Present
5 – Brother Yay, Step Dad NahPt 1
6 – Brother Yay, Step Dad Nah Pt 2
7 – You’re Hired
8 – Footprints

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I needed to write about two of my biggest influences that still resonate within me today. If I could be half the role models these two were I would be very grateful that they inspired me to become that role model. Some people leave footprints in your life by walking all over you. Some leave footprints walking beside you…

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