9 – Story in Pics So Far

Here are some photos of the true story of my life. Follow the links to to read about it.

1 – All Over The Place2 – Being Gay In The Port
3 – Who Are You Meant To Trust
4 – The Present
5 – Brother Yay, Step Dad NahPt 1
6 – Brother Yay, Step Dad Nah Pt 2
7 – You’re Hired
8 – Footprints



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I have been a Community Support Worker for the last four years. I worked in the Mental Health Sector and now currently working with people who have Aquired Brain Injuries in Disabilty. I studied to be a worker in the community, as I myself haven't had the best life. (Although now my life is much better). So I decided to attempt to write my real life story of trauma and abuse, drugs and alcohol, love and loss. All which led to depression and anxiety. Apart from my story I plan to write about everyday important issue that co-inside with my blog.

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