R U OK? Suicide Prevention

R U OK? How often do you find yourself asking a close friend or a loved one? Or is the thought of your presence nearby meant to be enough.

R U OK? day is an Australian campaign to help raise awareness to suicide prevention. If you have a feeling that someone you know is not behaving in their normal way; then why not ask if they are ok?

R U OK day is set for the second Thursday of September and invites people to have fundraising events and/or donate to suicide prevention Australia. Unfortunately Depression is the biggest cause leading towards suicide or self-harm. People who do end up committing this dreadful act can no longer fight the good cause of living due to not feeling supported. In this event it does not only impact the person but also their family, friends, work life and their community.

RUOK Campaign

Although the campaign is for once a year, does not mean you can’t have the conversation with the loved one at anytime. I personally love the fact that this campaign started to help people become aware that these issues are real and not to be taking lightly. Especially, as depression itself is known to be stigmatised and not looked at twice. However the campaign has many stories on the R U OK Website that tells a different story

How do we just ask someone if they are ok you ask? Well that’s a good question. Sometimes when you love someone, you feel like you may make matters worse by sticking your nose into a silent grief. There should be something’s you should prepare yourself for before asking the hard question. Are you ok within yourself? Are you willing to actually listen after asking the question? Will you be willing to support this person in finding the correct help if needed? There are many tips for you to prepare for the moment of truth on the R U OK Website.

Today the 8th September 2016 my goal is to reach as many people to inform them of this fantastic campaign and to ask if my friends and family are ok and if they need help with anything in their personal life. My best friend Sherri and I both live with depression, and I know without connecting on a real level of empathy with each other, one of us may not actually be here today. I have had friends who went through life unnoticed about their depression. Unfortunately they are not here with us today because they found their situation to hard to deal with. I made a vow to myself that everyone in my life would be at times asked if they are ok.ruok-at-uni-02-thmb-927x600

Please check out the R U OK website, you may find it quite informative as well as letting you be creative in hosting events and helping them fundraise. Also I will be donating to them this year as I feel that the R U OK Campaign has saved many lives over the year.

So let me ask you. R U OK?

Phil Paterson

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