11 – The Vertical Wavy Ocean

Remember the dream you had about rainbows in the sky while flying through them? All through this dream you feel happier than you have ever felt in your life. You could see for miles, and even though that dream felt like it was forever in was only 5 minutes. Well picture that, however with me it wasn’t a dream..

Living in Port Augusta and only knowing the people I was comfortable talking to and hung around at the time, I was very clueless about drugs other than marijuana. Sure in school they teach you about the different kind of drugs and how bad they are for you, and I always over heard my older sister talking with her friends about what happened the weekend prior and the experiences they had on different types of drugs. I really wasn’t all that interested at first, I was happy just having my weed and alcohol. However after the incident that happened in the cubicle at the commonwealth hotel, it only took one person to offer me something different for me to not even think about it and just saying yes. This happened to be an acid trip. Although even today I think back about this particular night as one of the best nights I had, I never recommend anyone to start taking any drug, say no at every opportunity.

At The House

I was at Stacey’s house, a friend of my oldest sisters, and her friend Danny was also there. We were sitting in Stacey’s lounge room where we were having a drink and getting stoned and contemplated going out. All of a sudden Stacey pulls out a red moneybag and says, “Phil, you want to try one of these?” Inside the bag were these tiny squares of paper. “What is it? “ I asked thinking what would paper do. She replied, “its an acid trip, these ones are called smiles.” I asked her what am I to expect from taking one of these even though I was already keen to try it. “It’s going to make us laugh for at least twelve hours,” Danny said joining the conversation. All I knew is that I could do with a good laugh. We all took one then placed in our mouth and kept it under our tongue, then after a little while chewed it and swallowed it. I was very excited at this time, because I was hoping to feel something I never have before. The next twenty-four hours, not twelve-I definitely felt something different.

It Felt Like This At Times


After about 45 minutes, I was somewhat complaining how nothing is happening. Danny said, “Just wait for it.” We got ready and got into a taxi to head to the pub with me feeling a little disappointed, as I felt no different. When we arrived at the pub we went to order some drinks. Stacey started feeling uncomfortable as she felt she was under dressed, so she left Danny and myself while she went home to change. Drinking our beer at the bar, Danny and I were getting along and having an awesome conversation. We started to laugh however at that time I still felt nothing. As soon as Stacey left she came back around the doorway completely changed in what felt like a matter of seconds. Danny and I looked at each other with a confused expression on our face. “Girl how did you change and be back here so quick” Danny asked. “You boys are ‘tripping’ I have been gone for 45 minutes” Stacey replied. We all looked at each other and just laughed our heads off.

I Could See Almost Like It Was Daylight

The next hour and a half, which only literally felt like two minutes, we danced and laughed, drank and laughed. My surroundings began to become wavy like a vertical ocean. The music (although really enjoying it) sounded like a scratched CD where the same two beats would pay over and over again, every light and colour became so bright, I could see inside the pub like it was daylight, I could see everybody’s face even though it was dark and the only lights on were the dance floor lights and the bar. I had no worry in the world. I do remember being in disbelief about the time coming for us to leave, as it didn’t feel we were there that long. The three of us took a taxi back to Stacey’s house, still laughing, stomach hurting and vision that could be used in the darkest of places.

We Just Could Not Stop Laughing

We got back and sat on the lounge room floor laughing and having another drink. I was having such a great time, I haven’t laughed so hard like this since back in the school days in class with old mate since pre-school  Challen. Lost in the beautiful bright colours that were moving all around us, talking to each other about how we felt and what we are experiencing. When all of a sudden ‘while laughing to death’, the front door swung open and a man no one knew walked in. He was big and scary however the light around him was memorising. We stopped laughing looked at him then looked at each other. Within no more than two seconds we just started laughing again. The man joined us on the floor and had a drink. I’m sure he didn’t understand anything we were saying when the feeling was mutual. Because we were so high on acid and without even questioning, Danny and I allowed Stacey to get into a taxi with this strange man. That is the scary part about being so high on drugs you stop looking out for each other. However Danny and I stayed behind on the lounge room floor and continued to watch the waves and laughed and laughed.

I Have Never Laughed So Hard In My Life

After some time, I got a burst of energy and wanted to do something. I found Stacey’s keys to her 4WD and asked Danny if we should take it for a drive. He got a little serious and tried to convince me not to. I walked out to the car with him begging me not to go. “Come on it will be fun,” I said. His voice only had the sound of concern. I unlocked the driver’s side door and proceeded to open it. As I went to open the door the whole thing fell off and we ended up having a car door on the ground. Danny forgot about been serious and we just had to laugh harder than we had all night. We fixed the door back to the car and I went to the passenger side and climbed through. Danny still saying, “I don’t think it’s a good idea, we should wait for Stacey to get back.” I started the car put the window down and gave the final call, “you coming or not?” Danny ran back to the house, locked up and then jumped into the passenger side. We drove all around town laughing and really enjoying it. By the time we got back to the house, it again only felt like five minutes.

Stacey arrived home just as the sun was coming up, laughing and said she ended up at some party and had a ball. I couldn’t get over it; it had been eight hours of non-stop laughing and adventure, all which seemed like five minutes. “My car has been moved two inches,” she said somewhat seriously through the beaming smile and giggles. We owned up told her and she was cool.

Once the sun was completely up we had to think of something to do. We decided to take my little Holden Barina pick up my brother and nephew who were only 4 at the time and went to alligator gorge in the Flinders Ranges. Drugs make you that irresponsible that there was five of us which included two toddlers with one bottle of 600ml water and went for a hike for 6 – 7 hours. The trip started to ware off half way through but we were still determined to finish the route. The kids were thirsty, as we were, and today I cant believe we were that stupid to bring them along. Anything could of happened.

Aligator Gorge Terrain Where We Hiked

We drove home, dropped the kids off then went our separate ways. All my muscles were super aching, especially my stomach. As I laid in bed and went to sleep, I knew that night I was unstoppable and it felt great. The next day however, I felt like complete crap, but I was still looking forward to the next time I was to get high on an acid trip, which fortunately didn’t happen till a few years later when I reached Adelaide SA, and some of those stories will eventually come…. I was offered speed which I took two or three times but it was not doing anything to me so I turned it down and stuck with the weed.


Phil 🙂


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