Give A Thought This Christmas

Ever stopped to think about the people who can not celebrate Christmas, due to unfortunate circumstances?

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Is Life Based Just On Our Choices?

For most of my life I debated with anyone who told me that influences make people who they are. I strongly believed that the choices we made were the sole reason for the life that we live. Before I get too much more into it lets define these two words.

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Thought I would repost this, as I feel it is an important part with dealing with depression.

Crammed Mind

Imagine you have been an active member of society, getting up, going to work, visiting family, friends, going to the gym or anything that your passion entices you to. However, in a blink of an eye, the society you once were living in suddenly stops.

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15 – New People, Places and Experiences

Leaving a town that had only some good memories is not hard. The unknowing of what it will be like, or if you you will finally make it away somewhere else is daunting but at the same time exciting. New people, new experiences, and only a little guilt for leaving behind the ones that you love.

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