Is Life Based Just On Our Choices?

For most of my life I debated with anyone who told me that influences make people who they are. I strongly believed that the choices we made were the sole reason for the life that we live. Before I get too much more into it lets define these two words.

The Cambridge Dictionary States.

Influence: to affect or change how someone or something develops, behaves, or thinks.

Choice: the range of different things from which you can choose.

You always hear a parent saying something like, “That friend is a bad influence on you.” Which,  then could turn into an argument due to the parent not trusting their child’s judgement on friends. Lets take a deeper thought into the influence.


In the definition of influences,  its stated that to ‘affect or change: develops, behaves, or thinks’. We are all influenced from the day we are born. We don’t get to choose whether we drink breast milk or to be bottle feed. That was already decided by the mother. Perhaps by choice, or because the mother couldn’t breast feed herself. Our clothes are brought for us, play time is set, nap time, feed time , etc. We did not have the choice so early on in life.

Our parents have already taught us values, politeness, how to cross the road, and to be a generally nice human being. They influence us before going out to the world to be racist, rude, hungry, active, slobs, hard workers or bludger’s. We do not choose any of that from the day we are born. Also to be fair, I’m not just putting this on the parents. Influences come from everywhere; the TV we watch, the friends we hang with, the lessons we are taught at school.

I am now starting to believe that influences have a big part in how we live and perceive life. However, going back to the Choice definition; the range of different things from which you can choose, still tells me we still have somewhat of a choice. There are many influences as we already worked out. So if you had three friends all holding a dinner at the same time in different venues, all begging you to go to theirs by telling you how awesome it will be and why theirs will be better. You still have to choose one of the dinners. How would you normally choose? By going to the one that a particular friend convinced you why? Of course you could be conflicted and just stay home, but that in itself is still a choice. However, apart from the three friends, the home could be influencing you as well, it could save arguments if you went to one friends and not the others for dinner.


So for me, I will still debate that we all make ‘certain’ choices in life to get where we need to be, however my choices were all driven by influences. Some good, some bad, but at the end of the day, I was influenced to make a choice.

My question for you is; Will you make the right choice given the influences you have around you?




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