Give A Thought This Christmas

Ever stopped to think about the people who can not celebrate Christmas, due to unfortunate circumstances?

While a lot of families and individuals are gearing up to be ready for Christmas next week. Having friends and family over for Christmas lunch and dinner, sharing presents, having a drink to be merry and enjoying each other’s company. Lets all have a thought for the families and individuals who will be alone this year. Without other family, without food, without being merry due to being homeless or just simply cant afford to have Christmas.

Just imagine, having children you can’t afford to buy presents for on this special day. Their kids see all their friends and neighbours getting toys, and the latest gadgets and clothes. If you were those parents, how would you tell your kids that; even though they have been good all year, Santa did not come.


Imagine being the homeless who see people rushing around buying presents and food, frantically complaining about how much they have to do. Missing out on company unless you have to put your shame aside to go join the shelters that supply some sort of Christmas for them. (The shelters do a fantastic job this time of year).

I feel people don’t take the time to think of these things in the middle of the madness to try and make this Christmas bigger than the last. They don’t realise that one out of five families in Australia alone, actually can’t afford to feed their kids on a normal day, let alone buying presents and ham and turkey for Christmas.

What can we do?

There are plenty of things we can do to support these people over Christmas:

K-mart and some banks have Christmas Trees where you can buy a present to help out underprivileged kids. Donate to homeless shelters so they can supply nice food and a nice Christmas atmosphere for the people in need. The biggest one of all is to not just chuck away left over food. You can take that all to homeless shelters or find people on the street and offer it to them. After all, don’t forget the true spirit of Christmas is actually giving and not taking.

Untitled 2.png

I really hope everyone has a lovely and safe Christmas this year. If your not religious, then instead of also saying grace before eating, start to teach your children to have a thought for other people in need this year. Ask them; How would you like to help someone have a great Christmas this year?

Everyone deserves to have a wonderful holiday season while others celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.




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