17 – Dark Scary Road To Mr M

It is safe to admit that we all do things that maybe you should think twice about. Sometimes it works out even with fear flowing through your whole body. But what if we didn’t take a risk here or there? How would you say your life has turned out?

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16 – Love That Lasts Before Dawn

It’s really funny how we can perceive love. Some of us would do almost anything to feel the true connection. Some of us settle for what we believe is making us happy, when deep down we know it is completely superficial.

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3 – Who Are You Meant To Trust.

I have not posted anything new in quite sometime. This is simply due to life. There is a new post scheduled for 7 hours from now. I thought I would share an older post for anyone who would like some refreshing or for anyone new that has stumbled across this. Keep in mind this is the 3rd part of my personal Story. It is recommended that you start from the first. 1 – All Over The Place. Thank you all for being patient.

Crammed Mind

Stay strong and find yourselves. In the end it is only you that can change the situation you are in with great determination and understandings. You are all worth something to someone even if it is only one other or even just yourself.

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