18 – Hoping This Move Was The Right Move.

I feel its fair to say that since resigning from my job at Hungry Jacks, I had been some kind of gypsy. All while I never realised how dependant I had been my whole life. Dependent on people and most of all weed and alcohol. It is still not until many years later I woke up and start becoming more so independent. If you have been reading my personal story starting from 1 – All Over The Place, you would know how much I wanted to be in Adelaide. I felt that I was home and ready to start the next chapter……

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Re – Posting an earlier part of the story. I hope if you have started to read my Personal story you have started from the beginning as I would help to understand what it is truly about.

Crammed Mind

The moments that good come with the bad. However the bad is perceived bad as a whole but could make you see and feel differently 

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