20 – One Thing After Another

They always say everything comes in threes. There seems to be a truth to that in many ways. No matter how hard you feel you’re trying to live a ‘normal’ life, something is always there to tell you otherwise. 


The Journey Of Supporting Teenagers Has Started For Crammed Mind

It was the part in my Personal Story post titled 12 – Love, Loss, Guilt. pt 1: Heaven Sent that I knew that one day I want to be able to help teenagers. Twenty odd years later it is now starting to become reality. With still along way to go, my vision has just started. I can not be more excited to share with you all.

Making Awareness For Men Who Are Victims Of Domestic Violence With “Beards Out”

If the title of this post made you roll your eyes and made you think, ‘here we go another men’s rights group’. Only then I suggest that you read on. Yes it is to make awareness for victimised men. However Beard’s Out is and will be supporting all genders and sexualities once they have reached their goals. I find this to be quite an inspiration. This is why I have posted a Phil’s Ramble regarding Beards Out.

19 – The Moment I Found Out Mr M’s First Secret.

When we are in any relationship whether it be love or friendship. We all feel we can trust the people that have let us in to their life. When you have done nothing but being honest with that person, it hurts a lot more to find out they were hiding a secret. You feel foolish and confused. However it would be safe to say that, first offence is usually forgiven. In my case it is never forgotten.