20 – One Thing After Another

They always say everything comes in threes. There seems to be a truth to that in many ways. No matter how hard you feel you’re trying to live a ‘normal’ life, something is always there to tell you otherwise. 

Finally Friends

As I was getting used to Adelaide, I made friends that would meet outside work and the party scene. Tara and I would hang out, and then at work I met James. James was one of those typical guys who were straight, but secretly you kept picturing him beside you in the bed. He was a genuinely nice guy. We became real good mates and started to spend a lot of time together. Mr M invited him around to his place a few times, where James and I would drink and smoke weed. Mr M always mentioned how he likes James and he was a waste as he was straight.

James and I would quite often get a ten pack of ecstasy and do random things. Like go to the movies or for drives down to Victor Harbour an hour and a half away. Even now as I’m writing this, I have no idea how we made it safely driving like that.

Things settled quickly after Mr M’s first secret was revealed. Mr M and I were seeing quite a bit of each other. I was staying at his place at least three nights a week and I even had my own key. Our sex life was really good, until it started declining. I was not sure as to why. At the two-week mark I would ask “is everything ok? We haven’t been intimate for two weeks.” He would tend to get defensive which in return I felt bad. Over the next week I would start to realise why.

The Real Reason Mr M Was Ok With My Earlier Indulgence

I suddenly started to feel itchy in the private area. This is not uncommon being a man, however it started to become quite annoying. I would look down but all I could see was the red marks from where I was scratching so much. Still within the same week, I woke up and headed for my routine shower before work, I decided to have a look before I started to scratch. I notice these small dots had started to form in my private area. I managed to peel one-off to have a closer look. That moment I realised I had, body lice. In most understandable terms I had ‘Crabs’.

I could not be more fuming, and the reason behind Mr M not wanting to be sexually intimate all started to make sense, the reason him being ok with my earlier indulgence. I could not have been more loyal to him since he started painting the picture of our lives. The fact that even when I did miss behave I was honest and told him. Now not only did he lie about his age, he has been sleeping around while keeping that a secret as well. I decided that I would not say anything right at this moment but would save it for that night at dinner. 

The Last Of Mr M

While Mr M and I were eating dinner that night I said to him; “I realise why you haven’t been wanting to have sex lately.” As soon as I said that he tried turning everything on me. His response was; “Thats because you have been sleeping around and you gave me filthy crabs.” The thing was I wasn’t falling for it this time. I knew he passed them on to me. I ended up letting him have it. My voice became louder and shaker from being angry and upset. All for him to turn around and say, “ I wanted to end it with you anyway, god has been sending me messages that what we are doing is wrong.” I mean really, god told you that sleeping with another man is wrong, but only for you to sleep with other guys, and to pass that filth on to the one ‘you love.’

I rounded up all my things from his house, I called James to tell him and to see if he could come pick me up as I did not have a car at this stage. There was no talking from both Mr M and I. Automatically I knew once leaving this house I would not be coming back. James did not hesitate, he was there within 20 minutes. “What do you want to do?” He asked. I replied “ please take me to a pharmacy, then home” I went and purchased stuff to get rid of the filthy, disgusting things Mr M denied giving me. I was only really upset for no longer than a week. I put in my head that I can now party harder and do what I want with whoever I want.

The Fantasy Coming True, But Also The Consequence

One night, James and I did our usual, we bought a ten pack of ecstasy, went to Victor Harbour. However this night was different. James was sending me some kind of signals to me that he was interested. We were walking across to Granite Island, when he turned to me and said; “ man these pills are making me feel sexual.” I laughed replying, “ Well its ecstasy silly.” Without warning, he grabbed me and pulled me closer. He then started to kiss me. All the thoughts I had of James were actually coming to life. I will save you all the details and let it be for your imagination, however it ended with us both waking up naked in my futon.

All though the event with James was something I was really longing for, I regretted it at the end. Our friendship was never the same, he could not see that it was what it was. I even remember saying that night that, this wont change anything, and that I would be happy if it never happened again. I respected him as my mate. James eventually stopped calling or answering my calls. I actually felt more upset about this then Mr M and his God-fearing crabs.

I came home from work a week later to a note on the table. The note pretty much asked me to move out as DJ wanted his partner to move in. There was no hate between us and I understood.

However, I had nowhere to go…….…

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