Identity Can Be Complicated!!

If I was to ask you to name three things that make up apart of your identity, could you?

What is Identity?

When trying to self identify, it is a little more complicated than showing your I.D card or passport. Sure, they identify you have a name and an age, but what about the other layers of what makes you the person you are today? You know, the identity that you give yourself? Questioning Identities by Woodland helps us to understand how our own identity becomes shaped and formed.

Woodland explains that the way we see ourselves is also joined by the way others perceive us. The questions, who am I? And what am I? Are very much due to influences, pressures and opportunities that come available to us. Material, social and physical constraints keep individuals from effectively presenting themselves as their own true personal Identity. A persons Identity can change over time with new life experiences such as; changing schools, new jobs, moving towns or cities and meeting new people while losing contact of people you have known for a long time.

We Dress To Impress

Identity can be formed by the way we would think someone else would see us. For example, wearing different clothes to feel apart of a specific group, listening to the music your best friend likes only when they are around. Despite that the initial decision was made by the individual to dress or listen to the friends music, outside impacts shaped those decisions and in this way turns into identity.

We would often act differently around different groups of people, instead of being ourselves. Don’t think so? You wouldn’t act or talk the same in your family life compared to your friends, sporting groups, school and work would you? Sure that person in those situations is you, but a slighter different version.

Where We Can Lose Ourselves

Being influenced into an identity is not a bad thing. We can only learn and observe to be able to form our own opinions and thoughts. But what happens in this day and age when we become so over loaded by social media, strong characters you became friends with, parents who don’t agree with your choices, confusion of your sexuality and wanting to fit in only to be felt obligated to do things you normally wouldn’t do? We develop an Identity Crisis which can make you feel over whelmed and become depressed and anxious at a very young age.

We Become Overwhelmed Others Have Stamped Us With Who/What They Think We Are

More often than not, you revert into an introverted shell and start to wonder why people are starting to not be very nice. I personally believe high school can be cruel in that respect. I have experienced it for myself. Got bullied, abused, traumatised all for trying to be someone I felt everyone needed me to be. I share all this in my personal story starting at All Over The Place.

Teenage Suicide Is At A Higher Rate Than We Think 

It is very important that we learn to talk about everything that is bottled up, have strategies put in place, before you go so deep down in depression that you start having suicidal thoughts. Did you know the statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics Website shows that teenage suicide is at a higher rate than if we were to count all deaths including, car accidents and illness for that age group. It’s rather quite scary.

pexels-photo-356147 (1)
Depression and Anxiety Is No Joke

Crammed Mind has recently become a Non Profit Charity Organisation to raise funds through donations, sponsorships and soon to be events. We have been drawing up programs and services to help teenagers who are facing Identity Crisis. To help build resilience against the negative influences, and to help provide tools to become their true self within their identity. To help them become a confident individual and not let the typical bully or social norm overtake who they truly want to be. There is still along way to go to build something truly amazing for these kids and to start saving lives. Fundraising and getting people to understand the purpose is hard. However we are determined.

Keep what is important to you. If you feel you cannot talk to anyone about these issues, in Australia there is Headspace to help talk things through. Or if you are having suicidal thoughts contact beyondblue or lifeline. You are not alone, together we will find ourselves.









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  1. I would not want to be a teen these days! With all of the social media and pressure to be a certain way always increasing, it is so challenging to 1) find yourself and 2) be yourself. For me, I felt alone if I wasn’t the same as everyone else. Teens, and even adults, need to know that you can be who you are without feeling alone. Such an important topic!

    1. Thanks Jenn. This is why I have been blogging my personal story. Cause like you I felt alone. I feel its important that the people reading the story are finding courage and acceptance of them not being alone. You should check it out. It starts at All Over The Place. 🙂

  2. My best friend of 17 years and I grow up loving the same stuff when I turned 19 I moved away had kids got married and lived another life I came home at 29 and she found it hard to get me to like stuff I liked as a kid and she had to come around that I had changed lol.

    1. Changing is a big part of life. Its all about choosing the right influences to be more yourself. This is one thing Im aiming in building with the Crammed Mind charity Organisation for Teenagers in Identity Crisis

  3. Great acronym for Identity! I was very lucky as a teen (before FB and other heavily influential social networks). I’m finding it harder now to know my identity than I did then.

    1. Your individual identity will be forever changing in ways as we see and experience new things through life. I feel as an adult with this knowledge I recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and try that childhood dream you always dreamed of, and see how you go 🙂

  4. It is so important to have an identity. It took me a while to find mine, and I’m so glad I finally did.

  5. I have a teen at home and I know how difficult it is. I always try and teach things about life but I guess few things cant be taught. Great post.

  6. Excellent read, it is absolutely critical for each of us to know ourselves. In addition to this you’ve provided great insight.

  7. This is such a great read and I’m so happy that you’re spreading awareness about things such as depression and services such as Headspace (I’m Australian so I know what that is haha). I think, even at the age of 23, that I’m still finding my true identity.

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  8. Thanks for sharing such an insightful article .. Although no one wants to talk about it , yet 80% of youth is suffering from it ..Point is right counselling and guidance can make or break them ..

  9. Everyone is blessed with some uniqueness and thus it becomes really important to identify them and create our own identity. It was shocking to know that Teenage suicide deaths are more than other deaths..really scary & thus it shows how much we need to aware while parenting our kids.
    very informative post!

  10. Yes, this is so important to know who you are. It took me a while to figure out and I’m so glad I did. It does worry me for my kids–my son is a teenager, but he has a good head on his shoulder. But I also have a daughter and I hope she knows who she is.

  11. I have a daughter who is a tween and I’m scared for when she becomes a teen! It’s scary these day, with social media thrown in. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Identity is so important, I know many adults that don’t even have an identity yet. It’s so scary with social media having such a huge roll in a teenagers life right now too. A child’s identity ccan go in either direction, it’s scary.

  13. I so agree with the identify crisis and influence youth face today. I also think new moms run into this very problem – identifying themselves outside of their career, outside of the home and outside of being a mother.

  14. I concur.
    Identity crisis are tough for some, but if you are serious an focus to your goal then you will find it. Surround with reliable people like your family, because they know you well.

  15. As someone of mixed race ive found identity a very difficult concept to grasp. It’s great to see more attention being brought to it.

  16. Every moment we are pushing ourselves to create a new identity and I believe it’s a good thing. It’s really hard to digest that teenage suicide is at a higher rate than car accident or illness 🙁 .

  17. I definitely agree that depression and anxiety problem should not be taken for granted. We should know how to handle things and know how to deal with these issues. I guess learning first how to love our own self is the first step. And yes, we are not alone.

  18. I think the rise in popularity of social media has lead many people to conform to an identity that isn’t truly them, but is one that allows them to fit in!

  19. Luckily my teen son has seemed to stay away from all social media at the moment which is a huge relief.

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