22 – New Mates Shine Through It All

My life had been like a yo yo. Up and down, round and round. When you are in those good times, make sure you have a blast. However having too much of a blast may make you blind to what is around the corner. Through it all you somehow make friends for life. I am excited to introduce you finally. 

Living With Crystal After Living On The Streets

Although Crystal liked getting on the glass pipe, she didn’t realise how dependent I had become on Meth by using the needle. “I am going to organise some Meth for this weekend Phil, how much should I get?” I would always reply with “I have a hundred bucks to chuck in,” or “However much you recon”. I was actually quite surprised with myself with now only having meth by smoking it on the weekends for fun, rather than jabbing it on my arm most days to stay awake to survive. We all heard about how druggies go without their constant supply. However, I was shocked. I was sleeping during the week and only awake through the weekend. Of course, my alcohol and weed intake did not at all slow down.

Meeting My Best Mate Nathan For The First Time

I would meet Crystal at her work at Midnight on the weekends ready to hit the town and party. Going to the pubs/clubs getting high and running a muck. We had so much fun. One night Crystal said to me to come into her work and meet some of her staff. I went in said hello and there he was. My now good mate, Nathan. He was 18 and decided to come out with us. Nathan was gay and a little cutie. We all danced and did the usual. However by the end of the night Nathan and I were kissing and dancing. We all got into Crystals car and Nathan and I just kept kissing and kissing all the way to drop him off home.

Nate and Phil
Me and my good mate Nathan

The next day was Saturday, we all agreed that we should go out again. I was telling Crystal that I cant believe that I was kissing that cute guy all night, but I was uncomfortable to see him again that next night. “Why?” Crystal asked. “Because he is only 18, I think he is to young for me.” I responded. Although by the time the night came and I was drinking and smoking Meth, I didn’t care who I saw. If Nathan wanted to kiss me again I would have told him no sorry. Crystal drove to pick everyone up and Nathan and I was sitting in the back. We both spoke about the night before, and I was glad he was on the same page. The age thing just didn’t feel right. We both made a packed that night that we will be just friends and never looked back. 12 Years later he is by far one of my best mates.

Meeting My Best Mate Mitchell For The First Time

Things were looking up for me. It finally felt like the reason I came to Adelaide for in the first place. I was making really good and loyal friends and I was hot property at work. I was getting praised for how I managed my store, passing every compliance check with the best feedback. They gave me other stores to over see, and made my store “the training store”. I assisted in opening new stores after new store and my opinion was valued. I felt myself coming back to somewhat normality. The praise boosted me up now. Not only from running a subway in a 2.5 million a month On The Run, but everyone who came there to train moved on and become stars of their own. During this time is where I met my other best mate, Even still Today.

Mitch and Phil
Me and my good mate Mitch

I walked in to start my shift at 6am one morning on a Saturday (I think). I know I just left a party of some sort. I walked into my store, walked around the corner and BAM. There was this dude I never seen before in my store. We needed to cover the over night and this is who they found. “Good Morning, I am Phil the store manager,” I said with a smirk. “Hey I’m Mitchell from the Woodville store, they called me in for the drag shift.” I was looking around checking the checklist, and the place was awesome. I thanked him and sent him home. After that I kept calling Mitchell to cover shift here and there. We had so much fun on the line. Customers loved us. Mitchell was only 17 at the time. I was quite jealous of him. Not in the way where jealousy makes you hate someone. Just because he was 17, an open gay and loud and proud. We both flirted with our customers and they kept coming back. Eventually I made my area manager make him my assistant Manager. We were truly a force to be reckoned with. Mitch would come out and party and we just clicked. Mitchel and Nathan (the boys) have remained my best mates, even today.

I Can Not Wait To Share

There are so many stories I have with both Nathan and Mitchell and I am sure I will tell a few as I write more posts. They are both my best mates and love them to bits.

As I was finally feeling like life was getting better with only taking party drugs on the weekend, and yes still drinking and smoking weed every night. Crystal met a guy who she liked very much named Ron. Ron was what I was on the streets, a “druggie”. Crystal didn’t know for the first few weeks that he liked needles. But I did, I could just tell. It was like the saying; ‘it takes one to know one’. I contained myself by sticking to only smoking it on the weekends. I was not going to allow temptation to put me back to where I was before moving into that house.

Only then it was my turn. I then met Danny. A guy I liked and knew from Port Augusta. A sexy out there aboriginal guy. A guy who also liked the needle. I allowed myself to get close with him, however I still stayed strong. Then with Crystal allowing Danny to move in with us, we had two men under the same roof who both use needles and are both druggies. It took all my strength to resist temptation. It did not take long before the temptation collapsed….


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    1. Thanks for your comment. Temptation is the hardest thing we fight against within ourselves. Hope you stay tuned. To find out how I got to this point start from the start with ‘All Over The Place’ which is the first part of my personal story, where I bare all to hopefully help people who have been in these kinds of situations. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comment Kaz. I dont want to give to much away here. However you can learn how I got to that point by starting with the first post ‘All Over The Place’.

    1. Hi Rebecca thank you for your comment. Hopefully Have the next one published within the next few days. You can read how I got to that point from starting from the 1st installment ‘All Over The Place’ Suss the website out and learn why I am telling all. 🙂

  1. Tempation can be a really difficult thing to overcome; I think as humans we all face times of some temptation or another. But with something so difficult, it must be horribly painful. I do hope that the next installment is about a positive change for you.

  2. You need to be in the right mental space and have the right people around you to support you. I find it hard enough to beat less harmful habits – I wish you strength with this.

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