The Political Compass.

I haven’t written anything in a while especially a Phil’s Ramble. I can be honest and admit that I am truly scared for what the future brings in todays society. For the world and especially our home, Australia. The subject matter can be seen as controversial. I am aware I may cop some criticism for speaking my mind, which is a risk I am willing to take.

I will be writing a series in a few Phil’s Rambles relating to “The World Of Today”.

Rambles on things such as Social Movements, equality, being a biased nation and why we should be embarrassed of how this all plays out to other countries, which makes us look weak and like a laughing stock. Over the next few Rambles, you will read researched statistics with links or references for your own curiosity and learning. What I will bring over a few posts, will state fact, paired with my thoughts. The post you are reading now is more just setting a base,  so you can have some sort of an understanding of why I have decided to write a short series pointing out my truly deep frustrations with our surroundings. I am hoping for people to be able to think about whats being written like adults and engage in a healthy, intelligent and grown up debate.

If you have read my PERSONAL STORY, you would have noticed that I was a follower. I would do anything just to keep the peace, which I eventually ended up having a huge nervous break down. It was the most scariest battle I ever had to face. My brain being a follower of my own brain. At the end of my brain battle, I finally realised my Identity was in fact a fraud. I had no real thoughts and opinions of my own, about anything. I never understood politics, society, or what you would have told me about being more ambitious and money smart. This was the moment I promised myself to become me, and form opinions for myself, do things the way I wanted to do things and finally, it was the moment I opened my eyes. This made me finally start realising what I have been learning and form somewhat of confidence to have amazing open minded debates.

Still not 100% understanding politics, it was one of my first subjects in my first semester of University. I was studying a Bachelor of Social Planning and Social Work at Flinders University in  Adelaide. We would have lectures, which somehow went over my head. However, it was the tutorials where I became more informed. In my tutorial there was ten to fifteen people just as unsure as I was. Our tutor gave us a take home quiz to do called THE POLITICAL COMPASS which would determine where we all sat on the political spectrum. CHECK IT OUT YOURSELF and see where you end up. Would love for you to comment your results below. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 12.02.01 am
The Political Compass

The next time we were together, the tutor drew the political compass on the white board and asked everyone to put their results on the compass.  One by one we all got up and started to put the dots on the white board. For some reason I was last. As soon as I  put my dot up there, I had all eyes on me, with the look of shame and disgust.

The Tutor turned to me and went,

“Wow, ok, care to explain?”

He looked and sounded disappointed. It really felt he was about to point towards the door and tell me to get to the principals office. I was generally confused. I was up there with Hitler. Thats right, hitler! I didn’t get it, I never said I wanted to lead people into the killing and torturing millions of innocent people. Everyone looked at me waiting for me to say something. Not really understanding why my answers to the quiz made me up near Hitler on the political compass, I replied, “I have no clue, I am gay and got married to an Indian man in a different country.” They didn’t find that very funny. So I finished by saying. “I am, and will never be anything like Hitler, however I feel that society should have some rules that we all need to follow, to keep some sort of order and to keep everyone safe.”

Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 12.01.45 am
Everyone Compared to Me In The Political Compass

Our first assignment was to compare two different countries which held different political regimes. Naively, I compared the Authoritarian Country Saudi Arabia (SA) and the Left country Australia (AUS). Needless to say my left wing tutor marked me only one mark above a pass. Him having knowledge that it was my first ever essay I had to write, (I was 31). He told me it really should have been a fail but he was lenient and let me pass. By researching and studying for this essay, I picked the arguments which crime was a lot less in SA due to their punishment system, all citizens in SA has free health care, and their food systems which causes less people to stave than in AUS.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Australia.

I was born and raised here and love the diversity. I look back now and can honestly say that, with me not really understanding politics at this stage, while challenging that a country whom have the Quran as their constitution have better systems than Australia, may have not been the best start at uni life. However, over the years until now, seeing our country Australia, becoming more and more divided by social group movements than culture and religion, I feel I may have been on to something back then about where I really stand on the political compass. I would say I am more Right Wing then Left. Although I have a lot of values and beliefs that would bounce back and forth from each side, which I feel is a perfect balance for a genuine debate. I will always back down and admit I am wrong if proven to be. I will never abuse individual people if I have been beaten. If I was the one that was right by researching and knowing the real facts and statistics from reliable sources, I expect the people in the debate to be open minded and admit fault. A quick tip Wikipedia is not a reliable source of real true facts.

In the next Phil’s Rambles

I will continue this discussion while adding in why Australia is one of the most biased censored countries in the world. I get that I may cop some flack over these posts, however, I am not about hate. I would love to see the world, especially Australia become one and be happy. I will also share how we a getting further away from seeing peace happening.

Feel free to comment below. If you comment and willing to share your opinion and cannot maturely discuss and start to be vulgar and abusive towards individuals, then you will be blocked and comments will be deleted.

Cheers all Phil

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  1. You are entitled to your own beliefs Phil and who is anyone else to judge? You make some good points their regarding Saudi Arabia. My only issue with them is the treatment of woman. I have been to Oman so I do know about how Muslim countries roll. Good on you man

    1. Totally agree, there are major issues in countries such as Saudi Arabia. This is where my values start bouncing back and forth.

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