25 – The Right Kind of Wrong Friends

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Hi readers, I know what you all must be thinking, ‘about time on the new post’. It has been a crazy couple of months and I do apologise. I wish I could write everyday, however work has been really busy and by the time I come home, the last thing I want to do is use my brain. You are all awesome and incredibly patient. Thank you.

Starting at Subway when I first moved to Adelaide was really good luck. Without the job I would have failed like I had in the past. At the store on West Terrace in the city where they trained me as a Store Manager, I met some really cool people. One of those people was a girl named Ashley. She welcomed me very quickly and invited me to the pub here and there for a drink. That is when I met Ashley’s girlfriend, Alison.

Alison was a grungy looking girl. Short hair covered wearing a beanie, boyish clothes and some of the most amazing pierce blue eyes I had ever seen. She could easily be mistaken for a guy. You could tell that she was the type of person who screams, “Fuck the world, I will do what I want to do, and no-one can stop me!”. Especially when she has had a few drinks. But we all seemed to get along pretty well. Once I moved on to manage my own stores, Ashley and I would catch up for a beer now and then.

I was at the city store for four weeks before I got my first store in Brighton. Then I helped open a couple of brand new stores before being place in the Croydon Store. Here I became the trainer of new staff and was kicking all other stores arses. The store over all was making two million a month (including petrol). For those who don’t know, On The Run in Adelaide is a petrol station with a mini supermarket, some fast food restaurants and of course Subways. You could pretty much stop to fill your car up, get some dinner and some groceries to top your fridge up at home. 

Move forward two years, now living with Crystal, getting high and hiding the fact I used needles with Danny and sometimes Ron. I was looking for a new worker who could do the over night shifts, we called these the drag shifts. I was out one night with Ashley and Alison having a few beers and smoking joint after joint, Alison mentioned she was looking for work. I told her to get her resume sorted and come see me while I was at work. I got her in for an interview and hired her as our full-time drag shift worker. She was ecstatic since she had not had a job in sometime.

I would work 6am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday, and I would do change over with Alison each time. We started getting to know each other a lot better, and she was an awesome worker. The real funny thing was when Mitch met her for the first time, he thought she was a hottest dude, and flirted with her a lot. We would actually still laugh about that till this day. We all became pretty close and Alison only lived within walking distance to the store.

Alison and I already knew that we both enjoyed weed, ecstasy, acid and lots of alcohol. I never told her or anyone outside my circle that I was on crack. However, one morning when I came into work, Alison pulled me aside and said that she could tell that I was high on something more than she already knew I took. She claimed that for a couple of weeks she had known. She then said that she doesn’t judge me for it and as long as I didn’t shoot it up. I didn’t deny it to her, except of course the shooting up part. I told her I had some with me and asked if she wanted a taste. When I had enough or didn’t feel like being greedy, at least three times a week it became routine. I would arrive, hand Alison the bag of crack, she would go to the toilet and eat some. We promised each other not to say anything to any one, even Mitch that we were doing this at work. Alison always said that crack wasn’t her favourite and ecstasy was. She eventually turned down the morning routine with the crack, but never once said that I should.

Things outside work was like watching a movie on fast forward, at times I was awake for seven days straight. Tension started in the house again, or at least that was what my brain was telling me. Alison started to see I was struggling. Not work wise, but home life. I eventually told her I think I have a problem, still to this day I never told her about me shooting crack. Anyone that  found out I liked crack, always believed I smoked it. Alison heard what I was saying, and could see I needed to get away from that place I was in. Lucky for me Alison and Danny got a long well, because Alison had an idea which she insisted on. I felt like I had no choice but to do what she said…

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