2018 Self Reflection – It’s Time

Can you believe it’s that time of the year already? I remember being a kid and feeling that time dragged on forever. My mum would say, “it goes quicker when you get older.” Boy was she right. 

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The Never-Ending Expectations

The following is an article from a man who writes about mental health issues on his own blog. His name is Patrick Bailey. Check out some of Patrick’s writings.
Below is an article he wrote coming from a girl he once met on a Spiritual Retreat. It rings close to home with my own Personal Story. Making other people happy despite the consequences of losing yourself, being afraid to even question “Who Am I”?
Reading Patrick’s articles makes me feel very honored to have him on Crammed Mind as a guest writer. Have a read and leave a comment below. Whether you are, have been or know of anyone that has felt so crippling of fear that you have no idea who you are.

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