2018 Self Reflection – It’s Time

Can you believe it’s that time of the year already? I remember being a kid and feeling that time dragged on forever. My mum would say, “it goes quicker when you get older.” Boy was she right. 

What I have learnt about time going quickly is that usually it means so much has happened. Although, with everything that does happen, are we happy? Are we achieving all that we need and want to achieve? The only way to know is by self reflecting. I get it, I understand that it can be hard and overwhelming to really acknowledge what we are doing and how we can improve it. It can also be very rewarding, knowing that goals have been achieved and giving yourself the room to improve. The real question is, are you someone who blames everyone for your short comings? Or are you brave enough to become a better version of yourself?

Last year I posted my self reflection on 2017. I have always found that reflecting on the year helps me grow as a human being. Lately I realised, I haven’t been asking enough of the right questions. I will list some below that I believe to be great starting points. This year by asking some better questions, I found it intriguing. Also being a slap in the face. However, knowing that behaviours or ego can rub people the wrong way, I will make goals to try and better myself.  

Before I list them I want to share one thing I have learnt about myself and what I am doing to change it. I thought I had pretty good self awareness and balance in life. Recently I have been doing training for work, and the second session was all about managing yourself. After that session I didn’t waste anytime and really reflected on why I don’t give myself enough credit, and why do I worry more about others than me. By asking myself these questions, I found I need to get myself into a morning routine.  If you have been reading my story,  you would know that I don’t sleep all that well. I wouldn’t sleep for two to three nights a week or only average three hours a night. I thought to myself that, if I am going to get into a routine in the morning, I am going to have to face my sleeping issues. Even though I was sceptical, I researched a lot about meditation. Checked out many apps on my phone, then came across the app Calm. I have since been putting myself to bed by around 10:30pm, put my earphones in to do sleep meditation. I have been blown away. I have been averaging seven hours of sleep a night.

You see, when you reflect on yourself, you need to be very open minded and try new things to get to your goal. Whether you feel it would work or not. Since meditating, I am able to get up an hour earlier in the morning, actually eat breakfast and have some “me” time before the busy day starts. It really depends on how much you need to improve and your determination to change some things in your life.

Last year I shared a lot more of my reflection, however I am going to share you some of the hard questions I asked myself this year. In total I have asked myself 58 questions and will list 20 of them.

When asking yourself these questions, be sure to be in a quiet room by yourself. You should not ask anybody else to answer these questions about you. This will only give you their perspective on how they see you. It’s very important that all the answers come from yourself. After answering the questions, it’s time to list some ideas and goals on how you can become the better you.

Self Reflection Questions

  1. Have I been using my time the best I can be?
  2. Have I been taking people for granted?
  3. What is it that makes me feel stressed?
  4. Do I put enough effort into relationships? (family, friends, work and love ones)
  5. What stopped me from reaching this years goals?
  6. Am I waking up positive about what the day will bring?
  7. How do people see me?
  8. Do I allow people to compliment me?
  9. Do I allow my Values and Beliefs  to be challenged?
  10. Do I know what my values and beliefs are?
  11. Am I easily led by other peoples opinions before researching to conclude my own?
  12. Do I get enough sleep?
  13. Do I have enough time for myself?
  14. What relationships are not going the best? why?
  15. Who do I attach myself to more?
  16. Do people take me seriously?
  17. How has work been this year? Am I being heard?
  18. Do I have more positive thoughts? or more negative thoughts? Why?
  19. Am I achieving the things people believe I can?
  20. Are my moods noticeable to other people? Why?

You can ask yourself these twenty questions, or you can research the net for any other questions, or add your own. But make sure they are questions that will make you really challenge yourself. At the end day, it is you that wants to improve, so there is no right or wrong answers. Find the solution to your answers by being open minded and not afraid to fail. Just keep trying to better yourself and self reflect often.

I have ten main goals for 2019. I will share 5 of them here.

My Goals for 2019

  1. Move to a new place with Tony that’s bigger and sustainable to have a dog
  2. To stand out more a work.
  3. Write more on my blog.
  4. Accept compliments by saying thank you, instead of brushing it away.
  5. Create more time for me without feeling selfish or guilty.

Now that I have my goals, I will break them down to do a step at a time. I am brave enough to fail, as it will get me to think of other ways to achieve them.

I wish you all good luck with becoming a better you. It starts with you, because you are the only person that can influence your change in life.

How do you self reflect? Wanna be brave and share some goals below in the comments section?

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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  1. I love the idea of self reflection, it’s not something I really practise this has inspired me I must say 🙂 It’s great that you are now sleeping better too 🙂

  2. I really like your self reflection questions! I’ve always looked back on memories etc but never thought to question the year’s ‘success’ before in terms of the goals I wanted to achieve.

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