Allow Yourself To Dream

Crammed mind has a page of Quotes that we felt needed a-lot more sharing. Welcome to the Crammed Mind Quotes page. All you amazing subscriber’s can be the first ones to see them and share them around. Our first quote really rings true to us. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of daily life stop you from dream

Dream for a better Reality

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I have been a Community Support Worker for the last four years. I worked in the Mental Health Sector and now currently working with people who have Aquired Brain Injuries in Disabilty. I studied to be a worker in the community, as I myself haven't had the best life. (Although now my life is much better). So I decided to attempt to write my real life story of trauma and abuse, drugs and alcohol, love and loss. All which led to depression and anxiety. Apart from my story I plan to write about everyday important issue that co-inside with my blog.

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