27 – The Present: Game Over

Whether this blog was done in writing or a video, it was going to be done. I honestly have never felt so lost and alone. Even comparing to somethings you have most likely already read.

I really hope to start doing more youtube videos, I promise it wouldn’t always be like this,

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  1. Phil you Amazing man you. I applaud you navigating through your grief. You have the tools to grasp your dreams with both hands buddy.
    It takes someone so strong to be so vulnerable.
    I wish you well in your journey bub…. this is your year to shine.
    And I am here for you if you shall ever need, in any way that I can 🙂
    Kylie x (Port Augusta sister)

  2. How could you possibly transribe your videoblog into words anyway? Kudos to you for being brave enough to share your feelings and emotions with us, we are feeling your pain. Strength and determination to you my friend, hope this year is being kind to you, you have always been a soft and gently natured person, from what i recall. Take care, and i anticipate reading (and/or watching) your future posts/blogs. Love & light from the Port, Stano

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