28 – You Can Not Assume Anything

It is always so easy to forget. Forget that we should never assume how people are feeling, or whats going on behind closed doors. Ask your friends how they are. Or if you notice any subtle changes, just be there for them.

I came home from work one day, and outside of the next door neighbours place was a hippy looking dude, with long dreads and a carefree look about him. Before walking inside, he stop me to introduce himself. He said his name was Sam. He and his girlfriend Anne had moved down from Queensland and was staying with his girlfriends Mother. “I may come by and hang out at times, you know, to get away from the in-law if needed”. He said in a jokingly, but serious way. A couple of days later, Alison and I met Anne. It seemed to us that Sam and Anne were easy to get along with, they also had some opinions about the world that really made us think. It was always fun debating with them on certain society issues. We all used to get so fired up, to the point of arguments. However, what I really liked about them was the fact that it was ok to argue, as long as you can get over it and carry on. A big lesson they taught me which still serves me today.

Sam would hang out with us more than Anne did at first. It didn’t take him long to realise that I loved my weed, and suspected I was on crack. I never confirmed that with him. Knowing Alison was a lesbian, Sam would randomly knock on the door and ask Alison really random questions, like, “Hey Alison any tips on how to pleasure Anne more?” Or “Hey Alison, any tips on cunnilingus?” Either way, these random visits and hang outs made us laugh and seemed to be good value. Alison and I started to notice something a little strange, Sam would be at our house everyday, then we wouldn’t see him in a week or two. 

One night the usual gang went out to the Mars Bar, and we all got off our heads to the brink. We had at least 5 pills each that night. I was seeing a guy at the time who had a supplier and got them real cheap. We ended up stumbling in the door around the 6am mark. As soon as we got in we had a knock on the door. It was Anne, “hey guys, is Sam here? Have you seen him at all?” Majority of the time she would find him at ours, but not that day. “Nah sorry, we haven’t seen him in a couple days at least.” She thanked us and went back home. We kept drinking some and played music. Just as we started to wind down and call it quits, our other neighbour Johnny banged on our door. He just said, “you better hide everything because next door is covered in cops.” It was 8am and we had the music up that loud, we didn’t hear any sirens. We all walked out the back and saw that Johnny was right. There were a minimum of 3 cop cars and an ambulance. 

We were all wondering what the hell was happening, until a couple hours later. We all witnessed people wheeling a gurney out of next door with someones whole body covered. We were not sure who it would have been. Did Anne find something she wasn’t meant to and did Sam kill her? Did the mother in law some something wrong and he killed her and ran off? Or did the ladies kill Sam. Being off our head had our minds in a twist. Although, what we did know was this shit was real and happening in front of our eyes. We all felt very weird and confused and unsure what happened. I jumped on the push bike and rode to the bottle shop and brought more alcohol. We didn’t feel like going to sleep anymore, we wanted to get more fucked up and tried to make sense of what we witnessed.

Two days later there was a knock at the door. It was Anne, she burst out in tears and filled us in on what happened. It turned out that Sam was a Heroin addict. Then after Anne came looking for him that day, she went back home and found him in the bathroom dead from an overdose. We felt so bad for Anne. She explained to us that they were both addicts and thats why they moved back to Adelaide to get off it. However Sam found some. They say that when you overdose on something like Heroin, its not an accident, especially if your not new to it. It came apparent that Sam did commit suicide. 

Once Sam passed away and things settled a little. Anne started to come by more, and came out on the town with us. She and Alison began to get close and eventually became an item. Annes mother would come by, or we would go over to say hi. We all had each others back. Things went back to normal really, same shenanigans etc. However, the months to come would end up changing my life forever. 

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