31 – The Present: Brief Update pt 2

Just as I was getting back on track. There is always something that decides to boggle your mind. For me, that boggling name is Sam.

I am so happy to be living in South Australia (SA). We all know what this year has been like with the COVID 19 Pandemic, what a bloody year. I got to work from home like a lot of people did and having that real uncertainty of what’s going to happen. But I believe all South Aussies should be proud of themselves with the way we stopped the spread. To the point that everything seems close to normal here in SA besides a few rules here and there. But I truly hope everyone is well and staying safe. 

Prior to the pandemic, I was getting back into routine and being social once more. Going to dinners with mates, swimming at the beach, enjoying a beer here and there. One Thursday night in November 2019 some work mates invited me to an event called TENX9. It’s where nine random people have ten minutes each to share a true story. So, I stole my mate’s girlfriend Tam for the night and went to check it out. It was very inspiring. Strangers having the guts to be sharing personal details and leaving a state of emotion after they spoke. I plan to go again soon and become more inspired. 

After it finished, Tam and I went to the bar and got a last drink before they closed the bar. Its was only ten at night and we were in the city. Tam and I decided to go for just one more drink. We arrived at a pub called The Exeter to get another beer. We walk through the door and all of a sudden Tam spotted a friend of hers who came over to say hello. He was a big tall gay guy and he was mega wasted. Within five minutes another guy approached us. Tams friend said that he is going home with him tonight. But this random dude by passed everyone, put his arm around my waist and said, “I want you.” He was wasted also, but hey, who wasn’t. We got drinks, more than one, mind you, and moved on to a club up the road. Tams friend and that dude come along too. The dudes name is Sam. Tams friend was saying that they were a couple and all. I soon came to learn that they didn’t even know each other. Sam would try and kiss me but I would pull away, because firstly, who are you? And secondly, I wouldn’t have wanted to in front of Tams friend. 

A couple more drinks later, Sam grabbed me and pulled me out of sight and pashed me, I kissed back then grab his hands. All of a sudden Sam became familiar to me. His rough workers man hands triggered a memory. This memory would have been twelve years ago at least. I said, “Sam, I think I know you.” Sam straight away said “I love you.” Not to be cheesy, but to help trigger more of the memory. Bang, I knew how I knew him. Back in the Mars Bar days, Sam and I hooked up. We were standing outside of the bar, waiting for a taxi. It was a cool night, and I gave him my jumper to keep warm. He suddenly came out with “I love you.” All I remember then was me ripping my jumper off of him and running off. There was another night where we went back to his place, but I don’t have much recognition of that night. 

So twelve years later here we are. Tam saw me pashing Sam. She came over to me asking what am I doing, knowing full well Sam was smashed. We decided to go to another bar where, Sam and I discovered that we share the same birthday. I am roughly one hour older than him. Sam tried to convince me to go back to his, however I needed to ensure I got Tam home safely, which was on the way to my place. We got Tam home and got to mine around three in the morning. We continued to drink, but then went to the bedroom as I still had work in the morning. Even though we had drunk so much and Sam was all over me, we respected each other to not do it right there and then. 

Sam planned to go to Bali for a couple a weeks two days after we met. We both said we would like to see each other again after he returns. I honestly didn’t think I would see this guy for another twelve years. We kept communicating while he was gone, and when he returned, he wanted to catch up again, and that was 10 months ago.

There is more to say about this relationship which I will eventually share. However, I will mention this. We both have baggage, a past and other issues, and whether I become my moody self, we always end up communicating. I can be my completely myself with him, He sees my flaws, encourages me to do somethings better. You all know I believe in growth and I believe Sam and I will grow and learn together. I am excited to see what the future brings with this one. 

Comment below and Let me know how you 2020 has gone?

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