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This is where Phil attempts to write his personal story about growing up through trauma, abuse, drugs and alcohol as well as some bad choices. His older sibling was cruel and had an on and off relationship with his Dad. After Being Diagnosed with Anxiety and Depression he now feels strong enough to share his story. Love, loss, friends and foes who used him and his naive ways, to allow him to lose himself along the way. Through this he aims to reach people with similar experiences to let them know they are not alone. Click Here To Read The Start Of The Story


These are random pieces that come from thought and experience coming from Phil’s life. They could be anything from Mental Health Issues to LGBTIQ rights. Or even anything to get off his chest about the everyday life of the being on the go.


Everybody Has A Story; This is where someone who is either a blogger, or a garbage man can present me something they wrote that can relate to the above. We will sit down together and discuss their reasons and Crammed Mind is happy to help get their story across. (for more information on guest posting, please use contact form below).