Who Has The Crammed Mind?


Phil Paterson was born 1981 in the town of Port Augusta (Port), South Australia. He lived in Port for 24 years. In that time he experienced abuse and trauma, love and loss. Many of the events which happened, left a trail of destruction.  He thought he finally escaped everything to gain the freedom to be the gay man he was, when he finally moved away. Phil ventured to Adelaide, South Australias capital city. Thinking he is about to have a better life, his life in fact spiralled down a lot more in terms of drugs, alcohol, homelessness and of course still being a ‘yes’ man.

By the time his life was getting on track, he started studying Community Services as he wanted to work with youth that are dealing with similar situations that he had been through. Instead he found himself at University doing a Degree in Social Work and Social Planning. A year into the degree he became a Support Worker for people struggling with Mental Illness. He currently Coordinators Disability Services with amazing people who are kind, helpful, professional and there for the same reasons as himself; to better peoples lives that have complex issues.

Throughout his studies, Phil was married to a man, who after everything he had been through, Phil was mentally abused which led him to a massive breakdown. He was then diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety. When he went to seek help, he realised it wasn’t the marriage that completely broke him, but the past that finally caught up to Phil.

Phil put to work his skills of working in the Mental Health Sector, and has learnt to live with what he calls the ‘burden’. His passion for working with teenagers is now more excelled than ever. Phil would hate to see these kids coming to his age now, finding out that they don’t know who they are or should be. He himself, has only just learnt quite recently.

Come and join him on the journey to empty his Crammed Mind.

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