What Is CM’s Aim?

The aim of Phil writing his personal story, is to empower, and encourage other people to tell theirs. Phil believes this is a very important part of the healing journey. Through this, he hopes to raise money through the Crammed Mind Charity and make awareness towards teenage suicide and the loss of identity through abuse and trauma. Along with making people aware, there is more than one thing that makes up their identity, e.g. Being gay or a different colour is not the only thing about you. Phil would love to somehow reach a broader range of the community, especially teenagers in schools where it can be make or break time to find who they are or want in life. Phil took 34 years to discover that he wasn’t himself, and wants to help people build resilience, and self-love and understanding once more. For the bullied and also the bullies. There are also so many more ideas inside his Crammed Mind, however the one thing we have learnt is, its ok to take one step at a time, so we don’t all of a sudden get more of a Crammed Mind.


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