24 – Exposing It While Trying Not To

I instantly stopped and walked in and went and shut myself in my room. “I can’t believe I am the one who has exposed this to Crystals kid”.

One thing you should probably know before reading this part, is that, being on drugs is like the title of the first post. Its like being “All Over The Place”. You will notice it; don’t you worry. If you have never read any of my personal story yet, it may be easier if you start from the start. Just press the link in this paragraph. For those who have, then I hope you understand the two stories in one. 

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10 – In The Heat Of The Cubicle

As I have been posting my older parts of my story, it’s taking a while to build up the courage to repost this one. If you are reading this for the first time and you or someone you know have gone through similar. Please, I encourage to not just keep it to yourself, you must report and seek help. If I did back then, I may not have gone down the harsh drug path and found myself sooner.

23 – Tricked Happiness

The feeling that it brought. I was not only taking it like this again, it was the first real-time I took it for a different reason. It felt amazing to be relaxed and in a safe place,  knowing that I wasn’t just doing it to be awake and aware of my surroundings.

It’s funny how even though you think and feel you’re in a better place. It can only take one thought or feeling you have about someone to bring that all to a halt. You will never realise at first. However, eventually you will. 

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22 – New Best Mates Shine Through It All

Best friends can be found in the weirdest times of your life. They help shine through no matter what.

My life had been like a yo yo. Up and down, round and round. When you are in those good times, make sure you have a blast. However having too much of a blast may make you blind to what is around the corner. Through it all you somehow make friends for life. I am excited to introduce you finally. 

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21 – The Lonely Mind That Deceives

With the feeling of aloneness starting to become the only friend you have, however it turns out to become your worst enemy.

If you have been reading my personal story from the start, you would have read that I have been diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety. While on the journey of telling everyone my life, a lot of it no one knows. I can not believe my mind convinced me to think I was happy. The mind that thinks alcohol and drugs is what makes you happy is a damaged mind. No matter how much you hide behind numbing yourself, your problems will always be there. I wish for people to reach out for help, and always know, you are not alone. Many things can alter your identity. You are the only one the can alter it the right way by talking about what you have and/or are going through.

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