22 – New Best Mates Shine Through It All

My life had been like a yo yo. Up and down, round and round. When you are in those good times, make sure you have a blast. However having too much of a blast may make you blind to what is around the corner. Through it all you somehow make friends for life. I am excited to introduce you finally. 

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8 – Footprints. The eighth part of my Personal Story. Give it a read If you missed it. The 22nd Part will be published tomorrow.

Crammed Mind

I needed to write about two of my biggest influences that still resonate within me today. If I could be half the role models these two were I would be very grateful that they inspired me to become that role model. Some people leave footprints in your life by walking all over you. Some leave footprints walking beside you…

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Give A Thought This Christmas

Felt like I should share this again.. and to go  along side with the post, any money raised between now and 4th Jan through Crammed Mind Charity, Will be donated to underprivileged kids at Street Link. To donate go to the Crammedmind Mind Facebook page and press the donate button. Let’s feed some kids and help them feel safe.

Crammed Mind

Ever stopped to think about the people who can not celebrate Christmas, due to unfortunate circumstances?

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7 – You’re Hired

Another oldie. You’re Hired, is when I got my first job and feeling rage for the first time because of a bully boss.

Crammed Mind

Being fourteen seems so long ago. However, somehow you remember everything like it was yesterday. I remember everything from five, ten, fifteen and even thirty-two years ago. However, God help me if could remember what I had for dinner two nights ago, or where my keys are now, without actually having to think about it.

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21 – The Lonely Mind That Deceives

If you have been reading my personal story from the start, you would have read that I have been diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety. While on the journey of telling everyone my life, a lot of it no one knows. I can not believe my mind convinced me to think I was happy. The mind that thinks alcohol and drugs is what makes you happy is a damaged mind. No matter how much you hide behind numbing yourself, your problems will always be there. I wish for people to reach out for help, and always know, you are not alone. Many things can alter your identity. You are the only one the can alter it the right way by talking about what you have and/or are going through.

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Brother Yay Step Dad Nay both part 1 and 2 are the most read posts from my personal story. I reposted part 1 not long ago so here is part 2 again. Some new posts are coming soon.

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There will always be something that will make a half brother become more than a brother from another father..

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2 – Being Gay In The Port.

One of my earlier posts. It is definitely one part of the reason starting the Crammed Mind Non Profit charity organisation for youth dealing with Identity Crisis.

Crammed Mind

I have to remind people, that things may not make sense, again imagine what’s in my head. Don’t be afraid to ask questions if needing clarification….. Also feel free to leave comments.

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