Looking At Yourself – A Way To Grow

Looking back on the year just gone can be quite daunting. However we all must to measure the amount of growth as a human we have and are becoming. changes whether we like it or not, so it is most important for us all to go with those changes otherwise we may be left behind. It can be quite a challenge to evaluate where we are today. It’s not about how much more money you obtained or the overseas trips you took. Or even the amount of mistakes you made. It’s about how we all have handled the change.

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The Quiet Dark Bubble 2 – One Year Ago Today!

One year ago today, I was doing the same thing. Not sleeping and writing a post with my thoughts. This time I know why. It is amazing when you read something and it all confirms that you are a stronger person then before. You are exceeding more than before. Yes, the alarm is going to go off in 47 mins, however this time I blame the book….

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Making Awareness For Men Who Are Victims Of Domestic Violence With “Beards Out”

If the title of this post made you roll your eyes and made you think, ‘here we go another men’s rights group’. Only then I suggest that you read on. Yes it is to make awareness for victimised men. However Beard’s Out is and will be supporting all genders and sexualities once they have reached their goals. I find this to be quite an inspiration. This is why I have posted a Phil’s Ramble regarding Beards Out.

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Thought I would repost this, as I feel it is an important part with dealing with depression.

Crammed Mind

Imagine you have been an active member of society, getting up, going to work, visiting family, friends, going to the gym or anything that your passion entices you to. However, in a blink of an eye, the society you once were living in suddenly stops.

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